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Designing new Offices? - Stop and think about these things first.


• The quality and design of offices and amenities in a work place, play an enormous role in worker satisfaction and retention. This is especially critical if your industry is such that employees can move on taking key clients with them. If you were choosing between employers and all other things were equal – an option with a much nicer environment to work in would win the day. 

• Quality offices show your staff you care about them, the quality of their work and how they care for your customers. Big successful companies will do a ‘refresh’ on their fitouts quite frequently. Why? – Because it keeps staff engaged, shows management are currently interested in what’s happening in the engine room and helps staff look forward to coming to work. You may be able to do this in small ways – if you can’t afford big changes.

• If clients are coming into your offices for meetings – the quality of fitout speaks volumes as to your professionalism and previous success. They also need to feel comfortable and welcome while on site.

• Your office is part of your brand. Don’t be afraid to let your brand show through in the design and ensure the design is going to appeal to your target market.

• If you’re in an industry where you like attention from clients who will see your fitout – don’t be afraid to be out there and different. For other businesses being conservative can be the way to go – you need to weigh this over carefully. What’s more, being conservative doesn't mean you can't be classy. With clever design you can achieve the way out 'look' - and classy/conservative look without a hefty price tag.

• How – will you manage the process? The Cyclo process allows clients to be involved in the design and remain informed of the budget right from the start. This has some very key advantages for your business. Whatever stage your project is at – please contact us to discuss how this process can work in your favour.


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